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How to convert OST to PST: the ultimate guide

How to Convert OST to PST? You can try OST Extractor Pro. An ultimate tool that it has multiple output option and works both Windows and Mac.

OST files can be converted to PST easily. For those who do not know the way, it always seems impossible. But perfect OST to PST Conversion is possible and doable. This whole article will walk you through the procedure of converting OST files to PST format.

Why convert OST to PST?

OST files contain all your mail items but in offline mode. This is helpful when you have no internet connection but still want to access your mail items. Microsoft exchange server helps you in accessing this OST file in Outlook by synchronizing the two. Sometimes, this exchange server crashes due to malicious software, then  to access OST files in Outlook, one needs to convert OST to PST and import it to Outlook. This is the main reason we need OST to PST conversion. It is one of the many common mail conversions which happen in professional circles. If you want to have a good career growth, a tool which can answer all your OST conversion needs can come really handy.

How to Convert OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro is one such tool. OST to PST conversion is the most common of OST Conversions. But even if you want to change from Outlook email client to any different email client like Thunderbird or apple mail, OST Extractor Pro will be very useful. Plus, it does its job very satisfactorily.

how to convert ost to pst

Here is how it does its job:-

Easy to use

OST Extractor Pro has a self-explanatory graphic user interface which helps immensely in operating this tool. The interface is highly graphic and interactive which further enhances user experience of OST Conversion.

Accepts OST from all sources

OST Extractor Pro extracts OST file from every source possible without any discrimination. It does not face any problem from any source and does its job with ease.

Multiple Output options

OST Extractor Pro also offers to convert OST files to formats of other popular email clients like Thunderbird, apple mail etc. It is a versatile and highly effective tool. This feature of OST Extractor Pro also makes it such a great value for money.


OST Extractor Pro has enviable speed of up to 10 GB of OST file conversion within 10 minutes. OST to PST Conversion does not get any quick and better.

Conversion in batches

How does OST Extractor Pro achieves its speed? The answer is batch strategy. Besides protecting data from loss, this technique also allows OST Extractor Pro to attain high levels of speed in OST to PST Conversion process.

Huge mails conversion

OST Extractor Pro is comfortable with converting OST files of every size. It does not discriminate at all. Mails with heavy attachments are converted efficiently and easily without any loss of data or speed.

convert ost to pst

Get it to Convert OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro comes with a free trial version which can be easily downloaded. The free demo version is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Download load it here:

Get your copy and start converting OST to PST now!

FAQ’s about features of ‘OST Extractor Pro’

Q1- How OST Extractor Pro provides high precision while converting the files?

Answer- Algorithms run in background and make all the conversions easy and accurate. Each and every file is scanned properly and exported to the required format. OST Extractor Pro gives 100% accuracy.

Q2- What makes OST Extractor Pro such a versatile converter?

Answer- OST Extractor Pro can convert the OST files to PST, Postbox, Apple mail, Thunderbird, and EML.No matter what the output format is, the data is exported in the required format.

OST Extractor Pro

Q3- What is data integrity? How OST Extractor Pro maintains data integrity during the conversion of data.

Answer- Data integrity refers to the accuracy and consistency of data. OST Extractor Pro makes sure that the user gets the exact same data that he uploaded in the tool for conversion. There is no modification in the data and result produced is exactly same as a user would like to see.

Q4- OST Extractor Pro is always available to help the user. What does it mean?

Answer-  It is said because the OST extractor Pro’s help desk is open always. It is operational 24*7. User can get his query resolved anytime by just writing to the help desk.

Q5- What factors make OST Extractor Pro user’s first choice?

Answer-  The tool assures user that all the data will be recovered without any failure. It guarantees that no data will be lost. 100% data recovery with money back guarantee makes the tool user’s favourite choice.

Q6-Can user test the features of the tool before buying the full version of  tool?

Answer- Yes, the user can download the trial version anytime and test the functionality of the tool. Trial version helps the user to recover his files. User can use the tool 10 times for converting the files within one folder. He can test the features of the tool easily and later can go for the full version of the software.

Q7- Are damaged files recoverable in OST Extractor Pro?

Answer- Yes, damaged files can be recovered easily in the tool. It is very important feature of the tool because there is no other option available for recovering the damaged files. Damaged file cannot be recovered manually, the only option is to use the third party tool and the most unique and trusted tool for this work is ‘OST Extractor Pro’.

Q8- Is the tool available for both windows and Mac?

Answer- Yes, the tool is available for both the platform windows as well as Mac. It is designed for both the platforms. The process of migrating the data is almost similar, just the interface differs according to the environment.

key features of ost extractor pro

Q9- From where the user can download the software?

Answer- User can download the software from the link- User can choose his plan and download it accordingly.

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Interested users are suggested to try the free demo of the tool so that they can get familiar with the performance and results. Once you are sure, you can easily upgrade.

To download. Click here.

Best ost recovery tool for your business

What is the best ost recovery tool and how to use it?

About OST PST`

OST is a fragile format which always needs an extra layer of protection. Yes, the offline storage format of Windows Outlook, which stores all your OST database offline, is a boon as well as curse. Its two main drawbacks are that it can get damaged very easily and cannot be used in Outlook directly.

Because it cannot be used in Outlook directly, we have to convert it to PST, and this requires a tool. Even when we recover or extract our OST files, complete recovery is not possible unless you convert it to PST format because that is the only way to import OST files in Outlook and use them.

Best OST Recovery Tool

Till now, there has been no tool ready for this momentous task. But recently, USL software launched OST Extractor Pro, a premium tool for OST extraction and conversion. They guarantee complete and comprehensive OST extraction and conversion with this tool.

best ost recovery tool

This tool has a license version which has been designed to suit every company’s need of OST extraction and conversion. The license comes for only $199. It comes with unlimited usage and free life time updates. (Individual License $49 and Household License $79).

Since, this is a big decision; USL software has introduced a free trial version of OST Extractor Pro. This demo version helps every company’s executive to fully know the tool’s worth, and decide accordingly. If you don’t want to take this path, and instead want to know about the tool in words, keep reading.

ost recovery tool

OST Extractor Pro’s salient features:-

OST Extractor Pro has an easy to use graphical user interface – OST Extractor Pro utilizes a very simple but highly interactive and user friendly graphical user interface. This interface allows anyone to use the tool with ease. Any OST task can be undertaken without any formal training with the help of this tool, all thanks to its user-friendly interface. OST Extractor Pro utilizes self-explanatory graphical user interface to do this task.

OST Extractor Pro can recover entire OST database – OST Extractor Pro is one of the rare tools that belong to 21st century. Yes, most contemporary tools don’t even know what shapes the modern mails. No wonder they fail in their job of email conversion.

OST Extractor Pro knows exactly that modern mails comprise of nested mails, embedded images, big attachments and what not! Therefore, the tool has been forged accordingly. This tool makes it possible to recover entire mails because it is ready to not leave anything behind. It has been made with the thorough understanding of modern mails and how they work. Therefore, it never fails to recover OST files and convert them in entirety.

Get the best OST Recovery tool for your business

OST Extractor Pro can convert OST files to PST format – As I mentioned earlier, no recovery process is complete without conversion of OST files to PST format. This can be done easily with the help of OST Extractor Pro. The tool is fully prepared for any kind of OST to PST conversion. It extracts OST files from all sources and converts them to PST format in no time at all.

Get it here:

I think your business will love OST Extractor Pro’s support. Grab the best ost recovery tool now.