Change OST to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook

change ost to pst for mac and windows outlook

Now you can change your OST database to PST easily. Allow us to introduce you to OST Extractor Pro, a premium tool by USL software for extraction and conversion of OST files.

How to change ost to pst

Since, last few years, OST to PST Conversion has been a vague and uneasy process for many professionals all around the world. Part of it was because of the prevalent notion that the job can be done manually. Many have tried and failed with this method, and lost more of their PST database. Manual methods are never recommended.

However, OST can be changed to PST with the help of a tool. This tool will allow you to not just have an easy OST to PST Conversion but also provide it a professional touch. All you damaged-beyond-repair OST file can also be extracted by this tool and made usable again by their conversion to PST format.

As we have already mentioned, in this article we will be looking at one such tool called OST Extractor Pro.

change ost to pst

OST Extractor Pro

OST Extractor Pro has gained reputation for being the most comprehensive OST to PST Converter tool. It has an unparalleled feature of extracting every OST file and then converting them to PST format with ease. This is possible because the tool truly understands what a modern mail comprises of. Therefore, it makes arrangement for conversion of all the minute details of OST mails.

how to change ost to pst

The tool is also super easy to use. This has been made possible by the graphical user interface of OST Extractor Pro, which is not only interactive but also utilizes step-by-step wizards in making the task soothing for its customers.

OST Extractor Pro has a reputation for speed too. It has one of the highest conversion rates. It can convert up to 10 GB of OST database in no time at all. For larger databases, it employs batch strategy. This strategy helps OST Extractor Pro to convert large OST databases without any loss of quality and speed.

OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version too. Yes, this amazing tool can be downloaded and explored for better understanding. The usage of this demo version is limited but all features of OST Extractor Pro come included, and you can see the magic of OST to PST Conversion for at least few OST files. But before heading on to OST Extractor Pro’s website, you need to make sure you have the following requirement fulfilled:-


OST Extractor Pro only works with MAC OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.14.

For Windows

Get it to change ost to pst

OST Extractor Pro requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 client or higher to work in windows. It is compatible with Windows Outlook 97 to 2019 or office 365 OST files. It is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2008/ 2012. Download the free trial version of the tool right now and get your OST files converted to PST format right now!

how to change ost to pst for mac and windows

Grab OST Extractor Pro today to open ost file in Outlook Mac or Windows.

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