Convert Offline Storage Table (OST) to Personal Storage Table (PST)

Offline Storage Table to Personal Storage Table

OST Extractor Pro is the tool you are looking for if your primary concern and barrier in using Windows Outlook is to convert Offline Storage Table (OST) to Personal Storage Table (PST). As you already know what an OST file does for you, we realize you must be valuing its importance.

Convert Offline Storage Table (OST) to Personal Storage Table (PST)

As a file that Windows Outlook uses to store data, OST’s main function is to let users work with emails even when they are offline. The benefit being that the changes made while offline are synced to the servers once the internet is back up. It is for this reason that in many ways OST files exists as an internal and functional entity for Outlook, and is not intended for many manual tasks. This essentially means that you cannot manually export data to an OST file and later import or restore it back.

OST Extractor Pro – Convert Data from OST to PST

This is where OST Extractor Pro sweeps in to your rescue. When you choose to switch to a program which offers easy conversion logs, email migrations and data restoration, you must also understand what you are converting your data into. The term ‘Personal Storage File’ or PST is often misapprehended from mixing up OST and PST. For the sake of transparency, let’s be clear that PST was the first native file for Windows Outlook; while OST is simply offline storage. OST cannot be used to migrate, backup, or restore data since it is not a personal data file and has no use outside of Outlook itself.

Convert Offline Storage Table (OST) to Personal Storage Table (PST)

So when the OST files get corrupted, your data becomes almost impossible to extract. The OST files do run a high risk of getting corrupted if and when handled incorrectly. Once this happens, the “anti-corruption” unit you need to defuse the situation is what OST Extractor Pro offers to you.

Take note, that the conversion is not as simple as changing the extension of the file form .ost to .pst, like with many simpler audio or video files. And even if you succeed in converting the file manually, then you must also brace yourself to face inconsistencies and errors in the output files. What’s worse, in such circumstances, more often than not the original OST file is left corrupted! OST Extractor Pro is the superhero tool here, made specifically for your need.

Offline Storage Table (OST) to Personal Storage Table (PST)

OST Extractor Pro is full of advanced features like splitting large PST files, conversion log, tech support, and more. However, the two most prominent features it has make it the only tool in its category that is complete and is preferred by users regardless of their expertise or lack of in email migration field.

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The free trial version of OST Extractor Pro is neither time-limited nor feature-limited. The only difference between the paid and free version of the program is that the free version will convert up to ten items per folder while the paid one has no limitation.

OST Extractor Pro available for both Mac & Windows. Get OST to PST Converter free download trial version and try it out. To download the setup of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ use the link below.

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