Converting PST to Apple Mail is About to Get Much Simpler and Effective!

pst to apple mail

Data migration across email clients doesn’t often go well. Converting PST to Apple Mail is one of the most slippery ones as the files involved are uniquely distinct from each other. Today we will see what you can do about it and migrate your data efficiently, overcoming the common problems.

Converting PST to Apple Mail Supported format

Whenever you migrate or move your data from one email client to the other, it often doesn’t go well or as linear as you might expect at first. Migrating email data (including contacts and calendar entries) can go very messy if you don’t have the right tools or don’t know the right technique.

Converting PST to Apple Mail, or in other words, getting all your data from Windows Outlook to Apple Mail, is one of the most difficult ones in that category. And that is for one very simple reason; both email clients are entirely different in the way they operate and store data. They don’t share any single data file that you can use in both direction for importing & exporting your folders.

Any technique that involves converting PST to Apple Mail has to consider the different ways they store, access, and interact with the data. Moreover, they also have to consider the complexity and richness of the information the modern-day clients like Outlook can store. PST files are not simple email files containing text. The range of the content can go anywhere from text to images to MIME headers to cloud-based links and much more.

Dealing with PST to Apple Mail Conversion

To deal with this, many have come up with their own manual techniques. Some of them don’t involve files like PST (for example: you can just sync the data using an intermediary email server to and from both clients) and some of them do. It’s not useful to go into details with the manual techniques because they never work, especially if you have a large database or many PST files you want to convert.

This is why you will never hear any expert who knows the ins and outs of an email migration task recommend a process that requires you to manually deal with the email servers, data files, or any such high-end technical nitty-gritties.

Tool to convert PST to Apple Mail

What you need is a professionally built effective tool to convert PST to Apple Mail. Sadly, they do not come in a large number. So looking for one that might work for you is a long and tiring process. There are many tools available, but only few of them work cleanly and can be applied to each individual’s needs.

But do not worry. That’s why we wrote this post, so you can get exactly what you need to move Outlook email folders and other items to Apple Mail while converting PST to the appropriate format.

The tool is officially labeled as “PST Extractor Pro”. It does what the name suggests: it extracts data from PST files and allow you to choose the format you want to convert the extracted data into, one of the formats include Apple Mail.

converting pst to apple mail

“PST Extractor Pro” has resolved all issues and complications users often face with this task.

There are plenty of features that makes it simply the most efficient and easy to use software to get it done without efforts. The two of its best features can be narrowed down to user-friendly interface and precision of output files. You don’t need to know anything before operating it; just launch and you will intuitively know what to do. And the way it processes the information inside the files leaves no element ignore or partially converted. What you input is exactly what you get as an output.

convert pst to apple mail

Get it for converting PST to Apple Mail

You can see how it works yourself. The trial mode will help you put the tool right into action and lets you evaluate the precision, performance, and ease through which it goes from the initial point to the final results, of an otherwise complicated process.

Try it here:

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