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emlx to pst conversion

EMLX to PST conversion requires many unnecessary steps that need to be performed manually. If you want your Mail data to be moved to Outlook PST files, there’s a more suitable way to do that than tinkering with raw files like EMLX.

How to Avoid Problems Related to EMLX to PST Conversion?

If you have heard of EMLX to PST conversion to move Mac Mail data to Outlook, you are not alone. But are you feeling confused about all these files and about the process of converting them? Don’t worry. This post will give you all the details you need to migrate your data successfully. But the solution may surprise you.


First of all, let’s find out about EMLX and PST files and what kind of files they are?

Every email client uses one or two file formats to store data. EMLX and PST are two files respectively used by Mac Mail and Windows Outlook. But in spite of having almost similar purpose, these two files are technically very different.

Convert EMLX to PST

So, when you need to move Mac Mail data to Outlook, one of the options that frequently come up is to convert EMLX to PST. This because both email clients are for different operating systems, so there’s no official and in-built system to import/export data. And secondly, these files are not compatible across to the other client. You cannot use EMLX file of Mac Mail with Windows Outlook directly. You can however convert EMLX to PST.

But this process poses huge challenges. One of the reasons stated above: both files operate in a much different way. It’s not a simple process to just process all the information from one to the other.

EMLX to PST Converter

Secondly, you need to install a third-party software to do so. This EMLX to PST conversion is a complicated process and cannot be done any other way manually than using a converter. And that’s what concerns many experienced users because they know more than half of such file converters cannot convert data cleanly. Not only will you get partially converted PST files for Outlook, you also put your original data at risk. And most of them are through no reliable channels, meaning you can even get some viruses or malware into your system.

The only way forward is to find a reliable and professional tool. And then only you will be able to convert EMLX to PST, but still with the inherent problems of this process.

Best Way to Convert EMLX to PST

So, what’s the actual solution to move Mac Mail data to Outlook PST files? We have established that even the best of EMLX to PST converters cannot override the default problems of this process, so how can one go about this.

The answer is with “Mail Extractor Pro”, by USL Software.

emlx to pst

The way it works is by directly convert Mail folder of Mac Mail to PST files. Thus, completely removing any need of dealing with EMLX files. It can also convert the archived MBOX files, Thunderbird and Postbox databases to Outlook PST files.

This direct to the source of data eliminates the problems of data loss and many other that basic users struggle all the time when using conventional solutions.

convert emlx to pst

Free to Try for EMLX to PST Conversion

As it developed by USL Software. You can also be sure that you get all their other well-known aspects of a software program: like intuitive UI, quick conversion speed, light tool that doesn’t take much resources, 24 x 7 tech support, and a free trial version.

Get your copy at https://www.mailextractorpro.com/

emlx to pst converter

So, if you want to migrate to Outlook windows from Mac Mail, forget about converting EMLX to PST and use “Mail Extractor Pro” to do it right, to do it like a professional!

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