Features to look for in an EMLX to PST Converter


If you are looking to convert your Apple emails to Windows Outlook then you need a tool to convert your EMLX files to PST format. There are many tools available in the market which can help you convert your files into PST format. But not all tools are as good as you think they are.

To get your hands on the best EMLX to PST converter you need to know the key features that are required for software or a tool to work for you. Here we are going to discuss more such key features that are a must in a conversion tool.

How should an EMLX to PST converter be?

What are the features you need in a EMLX to PST Converter?

The user interface must be easy

The user interface offered by the tool must be easy to use. This means that the tool must guide the user from one step to another. When you are converting your files it can get really tricky if you are not familiar with the technical terms hence you must go for a tool that is super easy to use.

Look for a tool that needs the least human interference

The tool that you are picking should be capable enough to do the work automatically. This means that the tool must be self Intuitive. If you are dealing with large data files then it can get really annoying to pick each and every file and guide the tool through each and every step. Hence look for a tool which is automated and gets the job done in the least number of clicks.

A tool that converts double-byte and metadata accurately

You must look for a tool that can help you convert double byte. Double byte characters basically are used by languages like Korean, Japanese, Chinese etc. If your tool is not capable to convert double byte data then you would end up getting coded data rather than the text. This can cause you to lose your important data that is present in another language. Also, your tool must be capable enough to convert the metadata accurately. This means all the information which is in the format of timestamp, Excel sheets, presentations; it should be effectively converted into PST file format.

Splitting of output PST files

If you have exported your mail domain from one email to another you must be familiar with the problem of large PST files. Mostly when you are trying to upload large PST file on Outlook windows it creates a problem in getting uploaded. This causes an error and consumes more time in finishing the task. Look for a tool that can split and cut shot your output PST file. This way you will have a large PST file segmented into smaller sections. This will help you upload your data with great ease.

What is the best EMLX to PST converter out there?

There is a tool available known as the Mail Extractor Pro. This tool was developed by USL software. The developers at the USL software highlighted all the problems encountered by the users. And They came up with a solution for each of them. Apart from the listed features, they have many more features that can help you in converting your EMLX files to PST. Hence if you are looking for a tool which is a great EMLX to PST converter then the answer is Mail Extractor Pro.

emlx to pst converter

Mail Extractor Pro is an email migration tool that can convert Apple Mac Mail / EMLX, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox Mail and MBOX to PST for Win and Mac Outlook.

To try the tool’s free demo version, click here.

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