How to convert OST to PST: the ultimate guide

OST to PST Conversion

How to Convert OST to PST? You can try OST Extractor Pro. An ultimate tool that it has multiple output option and works both Windows and Mac.

OST files can be converted to PST easily. For those who do not know the way, it always seems impossible. But perfect OST to PST Conversion is possible and doable. This whole article will walk you through the procedure of converting OST files to PST format.

Why convert OST to PST?

OST files contain all your mail items but in offline mode. This is helpful when you have no internet connection but still want to access your mail items. Microsoft exchange server helps you in accessing this OST file in Outlook by synchronizing the two. Sometimes, this exchange server crashes due to malicious software, then  to access OST files in Outlook, one needs to convert OST to PST and import it to Outlook. This is the main reason we need OST to PST conversion. It is one of the many common mail conversions which happen in professional circles. If you want to have a good career growth, a tool which can answer all your OST conversion needs can come really handy.

How to Convert OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro is one such tool. OST to PST conversion is the most common of OST Conversions. But even if you want to change from Outlook email client to any different email client like Thunderbird or apple mail, OST Extractor Pro will be very useful. Plus, it does its job very satisfactorily.

how to convert ost to pst

Here is how it does its job:-

Easy to use

OST Extractor Pro has a self-explanatory graphic user interface which helps immensely in operating this tool. The interface is highly graphic and interactive which further enhances user experience of OST Conversion.

Accepts OST from all sources

OST Extractor Pro extracts OST file from every source possible without any discrimination. It does not face any problem from any source and does its job with ease.

Multiple Output options

OST Extractor Pro also offers to convert OST files to formats of other popular email clients like Thunderbird, apple mail etc. It is a versatile and highly effective tool. This feature of OST Extractor Pro also makes it such a great value for money.


OST Extractor Pro has enviable speed of up to 10 GB of OST file conversion within 10 minutes. OST to PST Conversion does not get any quick and better.

Conversion in batches

How does OST Extractor Pro achieves its speed? The answer is batch strategy. Besides protecting data from loss, this technique also allows OST Extractor Pro to attain high levels of speed in OST to PST Conversion process.

Huge mails conversion

OST Extractor Pro is comfortable with converting OST files of every size. It does not discriminate at all. Mails with heavy attachments are converted efficiently and easily without any loss of data or speed.

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Get it to Convert OST to PST

OST Extractor Pro comes with a free trial version which can be easily downloaded. The free demo version is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Download load it here:

Get your copy and start converting OST to PST now!

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