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Which strategy is best for OST file to PST file conversion?

There is hardly any choice in the email converter tools market when it comes to handling the OST file to PST file conversion job. The reason for the scarcity of solutions is the complexity involved in the successful accomplishment of the task. That is majorly because both OST and PST files are quite distinct from each other.

OST file to PST file conversion

OST files, also known as Offline Storage Table, are files that get created in an offline mode, are stored locally on the user’s computer, and get synced with the email via internet connectivity. PST or Personal Storage Table on the other hand is the general format that remains workable across different Outlook platforms. The issue with OST formats is mostly that these often get corrupted due to reasons as simple as power interruption. As such, the only way out for the users remains OST file to PST file conversion.

Now, in order to ensure that OST files become completely compatible with the PST format structure, it is imperative that a user use the correct tool designed for OST file to PST file conversions. A thorough study of such tools indicates that OST Extractor Pro is the perfect choice for the task. It is sturdy, reliable, and performance oriented which is certainly everything that is required for successfully achieving the task.

A versatile tool providing for OST file to PST file conversion!

OST Extractor Pro has quite an elaborate design which makes it a comprehensive choice for Outlook users. In that, the first and possibly the most enticing feature remains its ability to take up OST file to Apple mail, MBOX, Postbox, Thunderbird, EML, and PST file conversion. That is correct! One ost to pst converter tool for multiple conversion needs!

OST file to PST file conversion

The tool is one of its kind. It has plenty of features, both to attract the users as well as to ensure creation of flawless results every single time. The unique design of the tool enables it to give its users customization options such as removal of unwanted files and folders even after their upload onto the tool, ignorance of empty folders, creation of .vcf and .ics files for contacts and calendars respectively, etc. Apart from this, the users can also set the file size for their PST files.

While taking up migration of OST to PST job, this tool steers clear of all the possible interruptions such as application crashes or hang ups as it is completely bug free. From that angle, the files remain safe and secure too.

convert ost file to pst file

As far as the recovery of data is concerned, this tool has an amazing set of algorithms that assist it in creating the carbon copies of the OST files. The PST files created after the completion of the OST file to PST file conversions are completely in sync with the original files. The overall structure as well as the minute intrinsic details is preserved in entirety. This tool is the answer to all the OST file conversion issues; for OST file to PST file conversions, especially so!

A tool that helps you transfer Thunderbird to Outlook 365!

With Mail Extractor Pro being made available in various license keys, it is quite easy for the users to go ahead and opt for the one most suited to them. Available in 3 variants i.e. Standard, Small Business, and Enterprise, this tool offers its users to make a choice depending on the number of systems that this tool is required for. Rest assured, all three license keys are very rationally priced. For beginning with it however, there is a free trial version too that would allow the conversion of 10 files per folder. So, if you are an individual who wishes to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook 365, the Standard version can be purchased with or without trying your hand at the trial version first!

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Get your PST to MBOX sorted out, switch to the best PST to MBOX Converter

Email Conversion has always been a handful. Getting the conversion process done with no errors is a miracle. In early days, the process was harder to carry out.

With involvement in science and technology, third-party converter tools have become the way to go about converting your email files. And there is no better PST to MBOX Converter than USL Software’s PST Extractor Pro.

The tool that offers it all: PST Extractor Pro

There are a lot of options when it comes to third-party PST to MBOX Converters. Each converter offers some or other to make your PST to MBOX Conversion easier. But no converter tool offered it all.

Until now. PST Extractor Pro offers you best of every feature that is essential for a perfect PST to MBOX Conversion. The tool everything ranging from top of the line accuracy to speed to make it all quick.

So, switch to PST Extractor Pro for a seamless, accurate and precise conversion process.

pst to mbox

Accuracy that is unmatchable

Accuracy of any PST to MBOX Converter is an essential feature that helps you with your PST to MBOX Conversion. And there is no better PST to MBOX Converter than PST Extractor Pro when it comes to accuracy of conversion.

The tool offers you best in the class accuracy that solves your all the problems that you have been dealing with your previous PST to MBOX Conversion.

The tool leaves absolutely nothing behind during the conversion procedure. This solves your problem of giving the same file multiple goes to achieve perfection in the conversion process.

Previous PST to MBOX Converters have the knack of leaving data behind or being unconverted. That’s why multiple attempts were made to convert the same file.

PST Extractor Pro not only solves this problem but also provides you with precise and accurate conversion of all the data down to the last bit.

The tool even retains the folder hierarchy of the input file. This makes the file an exact replica of the input file making your post conversion life easier.

Speed is the key

Life is very fast paced in today’s world. You only got 24 hours and a lot of tasks to do. You can’t afford to waste it while sitting in front of the computer screen waiting for you PST to MBOX Conversion to get over.

PST Extractor Pro is one of the quickest tool around. The tool converts the files at a rapid rate therefore, converting more data in less amount of time.

To do so, tool provides you with the feature of Bulk Conversion. Bulk Conversion allows you to select all the files that you want to convert and in a single attempt converts them all.

This approach only cuts down on the time wasted in the conversion process without compromising with the quality of conversion.

Therefore, the tool serves quality in less amount of time.

The interface that helps you out and a free trial to go with all this

The tool provides you with an interface that makes the conversion of your PST to MBOX easier.

The interface of this PST to MBOX Converter provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes at every step that guide you through the conversion process.

These wizards and dialog boxes act as guidelines that help you out a lot especially if you are just starting out with the conversion process.

To top it all off, the tool offers you a free to download trial version to try and get accustomed to the tool before moving on to the premium version.

Get it today to convert PST to Apple Mail Archive or MBOX file format.

The Apple Mail to PST Converter you always wished for is here

Apple Mail to PST Converters are those tools that you need to have in your rapture if you want to achieve a successful email conversion process. These third-party pieces of modern art are infused with technical abilities that help you in achieving the level of conversion that you always dreamt of.

But it is an army of them out there so how to decide which one do you want? The answer to this question is very simple. You go for the best Apple Mail to PST Converter out there.

The best Apple Mail to PST Converter in the market

Out of the crowd of Apple Mail to PST Converters, one converter tool stands out. And that converter tool is USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro.

Apple Mail to PST Converter

The tool comes to you from the house of leaders in the email conversion business. USL Software are famous for their effective and eccentric products. And Mail Extractor Pro follows the same path.

This Apple Mail to PST Converter offers you a wholesome package that includes everything you need to make your conversion process smoother, faster and more efficient.

Like Best in Class Accuracy 

Accuracy is one criteria based on which you can judge an Apple Mail to PST Converter. Mail Extractor Pro excels on this front. The tool leaves every other Apple Mail to PST Converter in the game behind and provides you with the best in class conversion accuracy.

The accuracy of this Apple Mail to PST Converter ensures that everything present on the input data file is safely and accurately converted. The tool runs on such an algorithm that the authenticity of the converted data is retained by the tool.

No modifications whatsoever are made to the data present in your input file. It just feels like a big copy paste operations.

Unicode or ASCII it doesn’t matter

One of the major attraction of the tool is that it easily and safely converts the Unicode data present in the input file. The always feared Unicode data formed an obstacle in front of the previous Apple Mail to PST Converters.

The Unicode data consists of all the non-English part of your input data. Be it the attachments of your email database file or the nested messages, they all come under this category.

Previous Apple Mail to PST Converters used to fail to convert the Unicode data effectively which resulted in an incomplete conversion process and had negative effects on the input data as well.

Mail Extractor Pro overcomes that hurdle. The tool converts the Unicode data with extreme safety and accuracy thus making the conversion process a complete and safer one.

Get the tool just for the interface

Interface of the tool alone is enough to go for it. The interface of this Apple Mail to PST Converter is such designed that it makes the whole process easier.

The interface of the tool only shows what is required to get you through the conversion process. With informative wizards and dialog boxes to guide you at every step of the conversion process, the tool makes the whole experience a pleasant one.

Download the trial today

Try Now at

Download the free trial of the tool today and convert Apple Mail to PST as well as Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox & MBOX to PST.

OLM to MBOX converter tool with advanced email conversions schematics!

Keep your conversion experience real with OLM Extractor Pro– an OLM to MBOX converter tool that can take up complicated conversions and turn them around in a matter of few seconds.

There are many notions associated with the use of OLM to MBOX converters but all of those are as obsolete as the earlier versions of generic converter tools. The ordinary tools aren’t evolved enough to set the seal on OLM to MBOX conversions all by themselves and thereby put the user through coarse technical processes. However, OLM Extractor Pro, in the true sense, is a modern email conversion tool that treats the OLM to MBOX conversions with absolute dexterity. It puts at bay all the complicated tasks lined up for a user and automates the whole experience to a large extent. Thereby, instead of putting your files in jeopardy, treat them with dignity using this OLM to MBOX converter tool.

Get away from the common hurdles with the use of this OLM to MBOX converter!

OLM to MBOX conversions are quite dicey as both the formats are quite distinctive to begin with. Thereby, when a user tries to convert files from OLM to MBOX, they end up with miserable outcomes such as partial conversions, ruined files, completely modified and hence unrecognizable data, etc. It is therefore imperative that an OLM to MBOX converter be comprehensive in its approach. That is to say, that not only should it convert the files but also ensure that no harm comes to these in the whole process.

OLM Extractor Pro is one of its kind. It covers all the loopholes that can be found elsewhere. For instance, sluggish process gets transformed into a lightning fast conversion experience, the scope of partial conversions get completely eliminated, and to top it all the this tool never ceases or crashes in the whole OLM to MBOX journey. Isn’t that all that a user looks for in an OLM to MBOX converter?

olm to mbox converter

Bring home the OLM to MBOX converter that would give long-lasting results!

If your desire is to get hands on absolutely refined OLM to MBOX converted files then there is no better choice than this tool. OLM Extractor Pro is best known for smoothly creating the replicas of files that are cent percent precise; every single element can be expected to reflect just the same without any modifications.

With this OLM to MBOX converter, the features that are responsible for the semblance of the emails are carefully extracted and rebuilt to give the users an extraordinary conversion experience. Non-English data, for instance, is rarely carried forward by the tools to the next format. But this OLM to MBOX converter impeccably carries forward the entire content one after the other. The list comprises of but is not limited to attachments, nested messages, Unicode content, to and from data, read/unread status, and the like.

The base line is that OLM Extractor Pro is the only OLM to MBOX converter to provide such spotless results. It is the best and definitely an unregrettable choice for those searching for an incredible OLM to MBOX converter.

Learn why users are going crazy for this amazing OST to Office 365 migration tool!

It is an accepted reality that internet sets the trend in this present day world. Thereby, when a device becomes the top choice for discussion/usage, there is definitely something worth our time in that. We are here to talk about one such device – OST Extractor Pro.

OST to Office 365 Migration Tool

OST Extractor Pro has been trending on the internet for a long time now. Especially, for its mind-blowing OST to Office 365 migration technology. The tool has been the talk of the market and it is every bit justifiable. OST to Office 365 migration is quite tricky and people getting stuck mid-journey is routine news. However, what’s new is the solution for it in the form of OST Extractor Pro. This tool has revolutionized the entire approach to such migrations. In fact, the tool is an expert in handling all the OST file migrations such as OST to Apple mail, MBOX, Postbox, etc. Getting back to OST to PST migrations, the tool proves to be an asset in the process. Let’s have an in depth discussion about its merits as an OST to Office 365 migration tool.

OST to Office 365 migration tool

OST Extractor Pro is the best OST to Office 365 migrations tool anyone can ever find

Believe it or not, OST Extractor Pro is going to be the best choice you would ever make with regards to your email migration needs. This tool sits well with the users of all categories-beginners, intermediate, and experts. That is majorly because the creators of this amazing OST to PST (Office 365) migration tool have made extra efforts to make it super comprehensible. In addition, the simple steps make it instinctive for the users too. If that isn’t enough, the simple interface is further supported by a team of customer care technical experts who remain just a call away.

OST to Office 365 migration

If we talk about the different aspects of migration, OST Extractor Pro gives out unique results because of its ability to tackle each of these aspects flawlessly. Security issue, for instance, is a major concern for most of the users. However, it isn’t even a question when it comes to OST Extractor Pro as the tool has been created by the renowned USL software.

Next concern is generally associated with the quality of the OST to Office 365 migrations. If we break it down then it can be concluded that time duration of the process and the end results are the major indicators for the same. OST Extractor Pro not only has a lightning fast OST to Office 365 migration speed but also has the ability to do so perfectly. The end results are beautiful with every element intact.

Try it today

Lastly, the cost of the tool bothers a lot of users. Well, this tool has an answer for that too. Either go for the affordable full version which comes along with complementary lifetime updates. You can go for the free trial version too. This version limits the conversion to 10 files per folder. However, it is a great option given it comes for free. Now you are crazy for this tool too! Don’t wait and get your copy by clicking on this link.

How to import OST file in Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365

How to import OST file in Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365 – The Quickest Way That is Also Accurate!

Import OST file in Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365

If you have OST file with you and you want to import it into Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365, you cannot. Some users get confused and surprised by that fact because they think of OST as very similar to PST. But PST is a personal data file that you can import, archive, export, migrate, etc.

However, OST is different. It is a variant of PST but not built for any personal data operations tasks like migrate and import/export. The OST file serves the purpose of offline cache mode for Outlook that lets you access your data even in an offline mode. It is simply the copy of your folders on the servers of your email account.

How to Import OST file in Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365

So, back to our original question: if you have OST file, how can you import it into Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365?

Keep in mind that the answer below also works for other Outlook versions as well. In fact, it works for Mac Outlook as well.

The only way to import OST file in Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365 is converting it into PST. And that can be done quickly with the help of “OST Extractor Pro,” an excellent ost recovery software tool for converting OST files to many other formats including PST.

import ost file in outlook

It is brought to you by USL Software, the same company behind other successful email migration solutions.

You can download ‘OST Extractor Pro’ for free for trial purposes. The free trial mode lets you check out the features in detail by converting up to ten items per folder inside OST file. It is a great way to asses its worth for your uniquely personal needs.

how to import ost file in outlook

How to Import OST file in Outlook

  1. Download and Install ‘OST Extractor Pro’.
  2. Launch it and click on “Add OST”.
  3. Browse and select a ost file, then click on ‘Open’.
  4. Check “Ignore Empty Folders’ to exclude them.
  5. Check/Uncheck folders from preview.
  6. Select your Output format as ‘PST File’.
  7. Click on “Convert”.
  8. Now, you can easily import the file into Outlook.

The tool is developed from the inside-out to churn out all the common issues associated with the process. USL Software devised accurate and dedicated algorithms for complex email data items inside OST files. You will never experience any data loss or compromises to data integrity. The meticulous scripts written specifically for complex components like non-English text characters in double-byte, cloud-based links as attachments, larges files as attachments, MIME defined headers and other content, and so on.

Only “OST Extractor Pro” has such detailed and complex programming to convert your data cleanly without errors.

Moreover, the software program also features options and controls that can add to the efficiency of the output. For example, you can remove any particular folders you think are not necessary to preserve. You can also exclude all empty folders in just one click. The in-depth conversion log/report at the end of the task gives you the information regarding all the items converted, their path, any errors, etc.

The tool also contains a special logic to keep the folders and their order intact. Many times, users experience the loss of folder hierarchy, which can be frustrating. Never face that with “OST Extractor Pro.”

Convert to many other formats

And finally, you also get to convert OST files to PST and other formats like MBOX, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, EML, and Postbox.

All these features and options are under a single graphical interface, which is simple to understand and interact with. Anyone can pick it up and begin without having any prior knowledge about the technicality of the process.

Get it to Import OST file in Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365

Download the setup file below and use it in a free trial mode first to see how it functions with your files. Try this today and import ost to Outlook at zero hassle.

import ost file into outlook

The tech support of USL Software is always available to help you whenever you need.

Change OST to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook

Now you can change your OST database to PST easily. Allow us to introduce you to OST Extractor Pro, a premium tool by USL software for extraction and conversion of OST files.

How to change ost to pst

Since, last few years, OST to PST Conversion has been a vague and uneasy process for many professionals all around the world. Part of it was because of the prevalent notion that the job can be done manually. Many have tried and failed with this method, and lost more of their PST database. Manual methods are never recommended.

However, OST can be changed to PST with the help of a tool. This tool will allow you to not just have an easy OST to PST Conversion but also provide it a professional touch. All you damaged-beyond-repair OST file can also be extracted by this tool and made usable again by their conversion to PST format.

As we have already mentioned, in this article we will be looking at one such tool called OST Extractor Pro.

change ost to pst

OST Extractor Pro

OST Extractor Pro has gained reputation for being the most comprehensive OST to PST Converter tool. It has an unparalleled feature of extracting every OST file and then converting them to PST format with ease. This is possible because the tool truly understands what a modern mail comprises of. Therefore, it makes arrangement for conversion of all the minute details of OST mails.

how to change ost to pst

The tool is also super easy to use. This has been made possible by the graphical user interface of OST Extractor Pro, which is not only interactive but also utilizes step-by-step wizards in making the task soothing for its customers.

OST Extractor Pro has a reputation for speed too. It has one of the highest conversion rates. It can convert up to 10 GB of OST database in no time at all. For larger databases, it employs batch strategy. This strategy helps OST Extractor Pro to convert large OST databases without any loss of quality and speed.

OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version too. Yes, this amazing tool can be downloaded and explored for better understanding. The usage of this demo version is limited but all features of OST Extractor Pro come included, and you can see the magic of OST to PST Conversion for at least few OST files. But before heading on to OST Extractor Pro’s website, you need to make sure you have the following requirement fulfilled:-


OST Extractor Pro only works with MAC OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.14.

For Windows

Get it to change ost to pst

OST Extractor Pro requires Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 client or higher to work in windows. It is compatible with Windows Outlook 97 to 2019 or office 365 OST files. It is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2008/ 2012. Download the free trial version of the tool right now and get your OST files converted to PST format right now!

how to change ost to pst for mac and windows

Grab OST Extractor Pro today to open ost file in Outlook Mac or Windows.

OST Extractor Pro for expert service in data migration

For whoever has not converted their files from ost format to pst format in order to avoid the dangers to data safety, a greater danger is waiting for them- that of data loss. Saved files in offline form in the ost format are highly unreliable and may become inaccessible in case of any of these events- abrupt shutdown of system, virus, malware, failure of hardware or the event of the Exchange account getting deleted. So it is advisable to convert one’s ost files into pst format. However, since the process of conversion is no less risky, on has to get a reliable tool. There is no tool more reliable than the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software.

Reasons to choose OST Extractor Pro over other apps:

The OST Extractor Pro is not merely another mail converter engine. It has plenty of features which make the process free of the necessity of input from the client. It manages everything by itself- from conversion to arrangement of files. It can convert a large number of elements, not only email but also Calendars, Contacts, headers, metadata, non-English language content, double-byte characters, images, attachment etc. in addition, it can also handle various versions of ost, so the client doesn’t have to worry no matter how old or new their version is. This app is compatible with versions from Exchange 5.0 to 2017 version and from Outlook 2003 to 2016 version. This wide range of accommodation extends to its ability to convert even ginormous ost files. People receive numerous mails on daily basis, which results in the ost files becoming huge with time. However, this tool can deal with files without being hindered by their size and without affecting their efficiency.

ost file format to pst

Converting files form ost format to the format of one’s desire is a cumbersome task if one goes about it one-by-one. However, this app has taken care of that and lets its clients benefit from its batch conversion technology. This feature allows clients to convert as many as hundreds of files at once. So the process becomes faster and fun. The usual complaint of messed of folder hierarchy is not heard of among the users of this app since it can arrange the files in the older order or according to hierarchy if the client wishes, thus saving plenty of their time.

ost file to pst

Operating this app is the easiest task ever. Since it is an automated tool, it manages all tasks by itself. Once it has been installed and begun its work, the user just has to choose the files they would like converted. Once done with that, they have to choose the format they would prefer their converted files to be in. From there on, this tool handles everything and all kinds of data.

In order to help out clients in case of any curiosity or need, the customer care service is available through the week. Clients can connect through mail and chats as well for inquiry. Also, below is provided the link to the full and trial version of the app for people ready for an awesome conversion experience.

Download Now at