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MBOX to Outlook 2016/2019 is not officially supported. MBOX may be a generic file supported by many clients, but Outlook 2016/2019 in Mac cannot use it. It can only either use OLM or PST. And the Windows’ version can only use PST for importing the data.

Therefore, if you have MBOX file with you that you need to get to either Windows or Mac version of Outlook, the best way is to convert it to PST.

MBOX to Outlook 2016/2016 Converter

Mail Extractor Pro is the professionally approved converter for this job.

mbox to outlook

Quick, Accurate & Easy

It is quick, accurate, and simple to use. The tool features many advanced options that would help in business scenarios where the database is complex and huge. But it is also perfectly fitting for common cases for basic home users. Also, thanks to the intuitive interface, using the tool’s features is a breeze and can be followed by anyone regardless of their expertise or saviness of email related tasks.

mbox to outlook 2016

Advanced features

The way the tool works is by taking all the contents from Mac Mail and extracting the information into new PST files. The web of algorithms at work here are highly precise and dedicated to each segment of your database that are otherwise highly tricky for any other ordinary tool. These scripts work on the intricate parts like Unicode text, folders hierarchy, graphical components, and nested emails with high control and does not let the fidelity compromised.

Auto Load Mailbox

One of the reasons why it is loved by many is the choice of auto-loading the Mac Mail primary database, identity or profile folder. This makes the users free of manually dabbling with the files like MBOX or EMLX. But here we are focused only on MBOX to Outlook 2016/2019, which is important for reasons like Google MBOX. The direct autoload feature is best for Apple Mail to PST conversion needs.

Bulk Conversion

Batch conversion of multiple MBOX files is also one of those features that is handy in large scale projects. If you are tasked with huge database to migrate in your company, Mail Extractor Pro can make it very easy by allowing you to select the multiple MBOX files at once.

Such a massive scale conversion does not negatively impact the performance of the tool. It still runs with the same steadiness and speed as with regular conversion tasks.

Support All Outlook Version

Also, note that the benefit of converting MBOX to PST allows you to import them in any Outlook versions, not just Outlook 2016/2019. This includes all Windows versions, all Mac versions (2011 to 2019), and Office 365 Outlook app as well.

Other features

Few more important features that make a massive difference in users’ experience:

  • One-click option to ignore all empty folders at once
  • Split large PST files by setting a desired limit for your PST file
  • customer tech support throughout day and night
  • Updates are always free for lifetime
mbox to outlook 2019

Get it to convert MBOX to Outlook 2016/2019

Mail Extractor Pro is a truly unique and the finest software that can turn MBOX to Outlook 2016/2019 conversion around. Let go of all the worries you might otherwise have regarding the task.

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