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For whoever has not converted their files from ost format to pst format in order to avoid the dangers to data safety, a greater danger is waiting for them- that of data loss. Saved files in offline form in the ost format are highly unreliable and may become inaccessible in case of any of these events- abrupt shutdown of system, virus, malware, failure of hardware or the event of the Exchange account getting deleted.

So it is advisable to convert one’s ost files into pst format. However, since the process of conversion is no less risky, on has to get a reliable tool. There is no tool more reliable than the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software.

Reasons to choose OST Extractor Pro over other apps:

The OST Extractor Pro is not merely another mail converter engine. It has plenty of features which make the process free of the necessity of input from the client. It manages everything by itself- from conversion to arrangement of files. It can convert a large number of elements, not only email but also Calendars, Contacts, headers, metadata, non-English language content, double-byte characters, images, attachment etc. in addition, it can also handle various versions of ost, so the client doesn’t have to worry no matter how old or new their version is. This app is compatible with versions from Exchange 5.0 to 2017 version and from Outlook 2003 to 2016 version. This wide range of accommodation extends to its ability to convert even ginormous ost files. People receive numerous mails on daily basis, which results in the ost files becoming huge with time. However, this tool can deal with files without being hindered by their size and without affecting their efficiency.

ost file format to pst

Converting files form ost format to the format of one’s desire is a cumbersome task if one goes about it one-by-one. However, this app has taken care of that and lets its clients benefit from its batch conversion technology. This feature allows clients to convert as many as hundreds of files at once. So the process becomes faster and fun. The usual complaint of messed of folder hierarchy is not heard of among the users of this app since it can arrange the files in the older order or according to hierarchy if the client wishes, thus saving plenty of their time.

ost file to pst

Operating this app is the easiest task ever. Since it is an automated tool, it manages all tasks by itself. Once it has been installed and begun its work, the user just has to choose the files they would like converted. Once done with that, they have to choose the format they would prefer their converted files to be in. From there on, this tool handles everything and all kinds of data.

In order to help out clients in case of any curiosity or need, the customer care service is available through the week. Clients can connect through mail and chats as well for inquiry. Also, below is provided the link to the full and trial version of the app for people ready for an awesome conversion experience.

Download Now at https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

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