Thunderbird to PST Converter for Mac (Try It Today)

Thunderbird to pst converter for mac

Say no to long tiring and complicated conversion processes that result in nothing. This Thunderbird to PST Converter makes your conversion process faster and user friendly.

With the right Thunderbird to PST converter, you can have it all

Exporting data is a complicated process. The data involved in the process increases the risk factor involved with the process. And if the clients among which you need to make the data transition works on two different operating systems, things can get trickier.

This is the case with Thunderbird to PST Conversion. Thunderbird runs on MacOS and Outlook runs on Windows. Due to different operating systems the nature of both the email client differs.

It is represented in the way they store the data of their use. PST or Personal Storage Table is the preferred way of storing the data on Outlook’s side. This is the only format that it accepts.

So, when you shift your account from Thunderbird to Outlook 365 (Mac/Win) you need to transfer your data and for that you’ll need a Thunderbird to PST Converter.

Mail Extractor Pro: The Ideal Thunderbird to PST Converter

The ideal Thunderbird to PST Converter, features all of your generic features along with some exclusive features to get the most out of your conversion process.

Well, that is exactly what USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro gives you. The Thunderbird converter wizard based tool stands out of the huge crowd of converter tools solely on the configuration of features that the tool provides you.

thunderbird to pst converter

This Thunderbird to PST Converter offers cutting edge mechanism with exceptional features that help you in getting over the hardest tasks of your conversion process very easily.

Converting everything successfully

The data stored in your email database is too precious to hand over to anyone. It can contain all your important personal and professional data. With Mail Extractor Pro you can relax about your data.

thunderbird to pst conversion

The Thunderbird to PST Converter provides your data exceptional security and conversion accuracy that it deserves. The tool converts all the data without any complications and difficulties.

All the data present in the input file is converted down to the last bit. It preserves the integrity of your data and ensures that none of it gets altered on any level.

All of your files remain arranged as they were in the original files

Folder hierarchy of original files gets messed up during the process of converting your data with ordinary Thunderbird to PST Converter.

You have to spend so much time and energy to find that important conversation of yours. But no with this tool. This Thunderbird to PST Converter, ensures that the folder hierarchy of your input database files is retained and carried over to the output files to be produced.

thunderbird to pst

This gives the files produced an exactly similar structure to that of the input files, making your post conversion operations easier and better. If you like what you read, then you can try out the tool today by downloading the free trial of the tool.

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