A tool that helps you transfer Thunderbird to Outlook 365!

transfer thunderbird to outlook

With Mail Extractor Pro being made available in various license keys, it is quite easy for the users to go ahead and opt for the one most suited to them. Available in 3 variants i.e. Standard, Small Business, and Enterprise, this tool offers its users to make a choice depending on the number of systems that this tool is required for. Rest assured, all three license keys are very rationally priced.

For beginning with it however, there is a free trial version too that would allow the conversion of 10 files per folder. So, if you are an individual who wishes to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook 365, the Standard version can be purchased with or without trying your hand at the trial version first!

Transfer Thunderbird to Outlook 365

The tool has been developed by USL software with the intention of serving multiple users. Undoubtedly, one can transfer Thunderbird to Outlook 365, but the same can also be utilized for transferring other mails such as Postbox, MBOX, etc to Outlook 365. The tool is extremely safe for use and the background is of course solid as USL software has been in this industry for many years now. And may we say, respectfully so!

Overall pricing review: If you wish to convert Thunderbird to Outlook in entirety, this tool is a brilliant choice for having the perfect combination of best features and reasonable price!

Mail Extractor Pro’s focus on performance is inspiring. Running this tool to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook 365 would get you absolute results without any delays.

transfer thunderbird to outlook 365

What you can expect is written in the summarized points below:

  1. Bulk conversions without slowing down: You get to convert large database without having the tool to slow down in transferring Thunderbird to Outlook.
  • Swoosh it up with auto-load: Auto-load option works every bit fine. One can simply give the directive and this tool would automatically extract all the data files from the default directory to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook 365.
  • Break the monotony by letting go off folders: The users can finalize the folders even after they’ve been uploaded onto the tool. By a single click, empty folders can be removed. By another click yet, unwanted folders can be discarded too.
  • Speedy conversions: The attempt to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook 365 with this tool is super fast. Large or small, the database would be transformed within a few seconds to few minutes time.
  • Perfect conversions: Saving the best for the last. Conversions are 100% in every aspect. Nothing and absolutely nothing is left behind in the conversions.

Overall Review and rating: Comprehensive conversions can be gained. Well-deserved 5 star rating!

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